Monday, November 21, 2011

"Life Ain't Always What You Think It Ought To Be"

Hello world,
Once again, more blows have been thrown my way here recently. Things start to look up and then Wham! something else is thrown at you. I’m sure we’ve all gone through this; if not, you will. Just keep plugging along; it’s all you can do sometimes.
My petty complaints from previous entries seem so lame and selfish and winey now; most of which they are. I guess things have been put in perspective for me.
My university has suffered the loss of 7 Dukes (we are ‘Dukes’) this semester, 5 within ~one month. 5 were current students, 1 was a recent grad, and 1 was a faculty member. All of these deaths were tragic, unexpected losses of young people, yes, including the faculty member, and all were amazing people that had so much left to give to the world in addition to what they already had. The world lost amazing, beautiful, and generous souls that were changing the world around them. They can never be replaced, and I can only hope and try my hardest to live like they did. I try to think that they are in a better place free of the pain and misery of this world, and I hope that I see them in heaven.
Of the 7, I was actually was fairly close to one of them. I was a mess for a week. Of the people that could have died, it should not have been him; anyone but him, even myself. He was the best and kindest person one could ever dream of meeting; willing to bend over backwards, or in his words ‘break his back’ for anyone in need. A totally selfless and loving person. The world needs more people like this young man whose life was tragically cut too short. I hope all that even just barely knew him can live by his example, including myself. Knowing his dreams and aspirations is what kills me the most; knowing that he never got a chance to pursue them. Students would bring him up during class discussing the rumors around his death and I’d leave during class because I couldn’t keep it together, just hearing his name. I also prayed; something I hadn’t done in a while. I feel guilty. I wish I knew why they were taken so soon.
We, the student body, are constantly reassured that our fallen Dukes would not want us to be sad and not want us to shed continual tears. I guess that could be true. I guess I’ll just make myself believe that; I don’t really have a choice.
The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young” has become a musical staple for us lately, being posted and quoted all over facebook and even chalked among the sidewalks and concrete walls around campus.
“…life ain’t always what you think it ought to be…the sharp knife of a short life…who would have thought forever can be severed by the sharp knife of a short life…gather up your tears, keep them in your pocket save them for a time when you’re really going to need them…”
The following video is piano cover of “If I Die Young” combined with our school’s fight song that a student composed and another student put together the visual. I’m a super fan of anime, but I think this video is well done it does it justice. (No, I did not make this video, a fellow Duke did.) If nothing else, you should watch it for beautiful piano music cover by Evan Duffy, a Duke who has a YouTube account full of amazing covers.
So be thankful for those you have you in your life. Let them know they are loved and cared for, both through words and especially through actions. Learn from those you look up to. You really never, ever know when someone you love will pass on. It hits you like a brick wall. Be thankful for, and value every precious moment you have with your loved ones.

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