Saturday, October 29, 2011

WTF Has Been Going On? I Really Don't Know; Or Care.

Hi everyone,
Sorry I have been MIA in the blog world; not that anyone reads this…yet. But here’s the deal-- what’s been going down.
In case I haven’t mentioned it already, I think I’ve been in a quarter life crisis since the Canadian Idiot entered my life. I’m necessarily blaming him, it’s just when everything started to change. And I am not going to type it all out here, that would take wayyyy too long. Anyhow, life has been pretty rough lately.
(This part where I whine and complain.)
So about a month and half or so ago, I realized my ‘unlimited’ texting was to other Verizon customers only. Whoops. I had racked up hundreds of dollars in damn text messages. Which really frustrates me because texting isn’t a necessity it’s for fun, so I was really pissed at myself for having to pay these massive bills when they weren’t needed. Anyhow, I’m freaking college student so I don’t have that kind of money in bank account so I had to cash some premature bonds to pay them off, which I was totally cool with. Until I found out you have to pay interest on those mofos. By tax season, I will need hundreds of more dollars to dig myself out of this hole.
And there’s more: so tuition went up this year and my loan offers went down (insert mifted face here) so I actually didn’t get enough money to cover my schooling (not even including books) but God bless Grandma for taking care of that. So normally I have extra loan money to cover gas and food and other odds and ends throughout the semester, including fun stuff. So I’ve been looking for a second job and considering selling my plasma for some cash to save up, but me and needles in me…might not be the best idea—I have a tendency to pass out. Anyhow, I’m in a financial bind.
Next, I’m failing chemistry! Whoohoo! Which really sucks but there’s no way possible to pass it considering I missed a test and he won’t let make it up (my irresponsibility must have flared up) but let’s be real, the class average was a 62 so my grade would have been like a 42. Serious. That was a huge stressor, and still kinda is because I’ll be retaking it next semester, but I have more time to actually sleep and focus on other things for now.
I haven’t been getting enough sleep either, to the point where I doze off behind the wheel. I’ve scared myself too many times, so sometimes I just skip class, but this hasn’t been a huge problem since I’ve quit going to chemistry at 8 AM. But if you have this problem, just remind yourself that whatever you are trying to go to isn’t worth or your life or someone else’s.
In spite, or rather, in addition to all this, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been really depressed. Don’t know why, just have. It’s no fun, but I’m to the point where I just don’t care anymore, it’s all whatever.
Someone even told me they think I like being depressed…I’ll save this for a topic later.
I feel like this isn't even half of everything that's been going on, but it's all the big ones I can recall.
I won’t blabber on anymore about my issues, but be sure to check out the next post about my plans for this blog, and kinda my life too.

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