Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bucket List Blog #1

Peeing in nature.

Yes, you read that right. It was on my bucket list to urinate in the wild. Like in the grass. Or something.

So anyhow, I completed this goal twice actually…it’s probably becoming a bad, but useful, habit.

My first time was at my friend’s house for her birthday in October. Most others had left, and it was just us and a couple close friends on a large piece of property surrounded by cow fields. My other friend’s boyfriend was with us and wanted to join in our confession circle around the bonfire, but of course we decided he had to be initiated first. So we took him out to the cow trough and made him get in it. Keep in mind, this Virginia in October, so it was freezing not just in the water. He did his thing, which consisted of him stripping to his boxers and unrequired-ly mooning us several times. I’m telling you it was cold, and after having some drinks earlier, we all had to pee badly; like, I really had to go. I quietly mentioned just peeing out there several times to see what my friends’ reaction would be. Mostly they just laughed and I don’t know if they thought I’d actually do it. Once the boyfriend got out of the trough, I told them to go ahead, and I’d catch up. Someone asked if I was really going to do it and was like whatever. The birthday girl laughed and suggested I fully undress my bottom half, just in case. But no, I’ve been to Japan and have seen those old school ‘squat toilets’ and knew it was totally possible to keep my pants around my ankles…plus I once came across some weirdness online and knew it was possible from that as well. So I dropped my pants and squatted behind the cow trough, pushed down, and whizzed. Successfully. I suppose I’ll just leave it vague, haha :P And who said only boys could pee outdoors?

So beautiful...I think I'll pee here.
{Photo Cred to Rachel Benson}

The next month, November, I was taking a road trip my guy friend, seeing the Safari Park (Safari Park Homepage) and then heading up to Natural Chimneys (Natural Chimneys via It was a rainy and foggy day, and it took us a while on some slightly twisty back roads to get to the Chimneys…according to the GPS anyhow. The park was deserted and we climbed around the base of the Chimneys and into a cave (I don’t think you’re supposed to). We were both complaining that we had to pee, and he checked the camp area bathrooms to see if they were open, but they were not. Still complaining, I thought he’d do the guy thing and go behind a tree, but no… After discussing we weren’t sure where the next gas station was considering we hadn’t passed any on our way there, I told him I had to go and wasn’t going to wait. I mean, the place was deserted, people. I had learned from my grandmother and a previous life lesson (neither specifically about going potty) that basically, if you’re not comfortable, fix it, because you don’t know how long you’re going to be in a situation and you might as well enjoy it, even just the little things. Anyhow, I run into the cave and tell him to holler if anyone comes along; he volunteered to stand guard even though I didn’t really want him to. I easily did my business and we were on our way. I was still kinda surprised he didn’t go after I did… He ended up having to hold it for quite a while, while I comfortably took full advantage of the bun warmer in his truck.

Looks like a good place to tinkle.

One less item off the bucket list.


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